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Paintball Gun Accessories

  • Compulsive O-Ring Pick Kit
    $2.73 Compulsive O-Ring Pick Kit
    Have problems getting the orings on your marker out of the grooves? You need some oring picks! Each kit comes with 2 different picks to tackle a number of different hard to reach orings. Grab a set with your Compulsive BF...

  • Compulsive Slick Honey
    $2.41 Compulsive Slick Honey
    We're not re-inventing the wheel here... Slick Honey is the latest craze in Paintball. It is being used on a ton of markers with excellent results. It allows for buttery smooth action and unlike other lubricants, a small...

  • Compulsive Tri-Flow Lube - 2oz
    $2.73 Compulsive Tri-Flow Lube - 2oz
    Tri-Flow is a very popular lubricant for a variety of paintball applications. Tri-Flow comes in a convenient squeeze tube and each 2oz bottle provides enough Tri-Flow to last a LONG time!Brand: ...

  • Palmer Lube w/ Brush
    $2.40 Palmer Lube w/ Brush
    Synthetic Palmer Pursuit Shop Oil with Brush. Great for orings and low temps. .5 oz Glass BottleBrand: ...

  • Rap4 High Flying Rocket
    $0.34 Rap4 High Flying Rocket