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  • Compulsive Spyder Stock
    $24.07 Compulsive Spyder Stock
    Brand: Compulsive

  • Java A/C Wall Charger
    $6.89 Java A/C Wall Charger
    Need a new wall charger for your Spyder marker? This plugs straight into the back of your Spyder to recharge your battery.Brand: ...

  • Lapco Spyder Cup Seal
    $1.04 Lapco Spyder Cup Seal
    These are replacement Cup Seals for your Spyder marker. These seem to be much more reliable than the stock cup seals and less prone to leaks.Brand: Lapco...

  • New Designz Spyder Equalizer - Side Cock
    $6.89 New Designz Spyder Equalizer - Side Cock
    The New Designz Spyder Bolts are designed to be a high performance upgrade to tighten the tolerances in your spyder for better consistency, softer action, and higher flow. Each bolt features: - No Orings and the all delrin...

  • $1.72 New Designz Spyder Feed Adapter - Red
    Spyder Feed tubes seem to change frequently as Kingmann alters the design for new Spyder releases. New Designz helps get you out of the never ending loop by offering an adapter that will allow your spyder to accept any...