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  • DLX Luxe Car Charger
    $16.16 DLX Luxe Car Charger
    These car chargers for the DLX Luxe are a great way to get some juice for your Luxe while you're on the road and without access to a standard 110V outlet.Brand: DLX...

  • DLX Luxe Detent Kit
    $12.11 DLX Luxe Detent Kit
    Brand: DLX Technologies

  • DLX Luxe Rebuild Kit
    $19.85 DLX Luxe Rebuild Kit
    Rebuild kits that include all the orings you'd need to rebuild your DLX Luxe several times over. Don't get stuck at your next tournament without at least one rebuild set... don't say we didn't warn you.Brand: ...

  • DLX Luxe Replacement Battery
    $16.16 DLX Luxe Replacement Battery
    This is a factory DLX Luxe battery. If you're battery is old and won't hold a charge or you need a spare then this is what you're looking for.Brand: DLX...

  • DLX Luxe Screw Kit
    $12.11 DLX Luxe Screw Kit
    The Luxe screw kits include a ton of extra screws, pins, set screw. It is a full rebuild's worth of screws to replace any missing or damaged screw on your Luxe. You'll want to have 1 of these in your gear bag, just in case...

  • New Designz Luxe SLIK Trigger - Silver
    $17.22 New Designz Luxe SLIK Trigger - Silver
    Brand: New...